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Pokemon GO was released July 6, 2016 to huge fanfare. Players, both young and old, flocked to the game. The game quickly became the most downloaded app in the App Store, and it was the talk of local news stations and businesses. The servers were not immediately able to handle the overwhelming amount of players, and downtime during the first month of the game’s release date was frequent. Niantic quickly got their act together however, and the servers have been running consistently well following the initial release.

Pokemon GO’s popularity allowed for the formation of many secondary marketplaces trying to piggyback off the companies success. Local businesses encouraged players to stop at their establishment by throwing down lures (or capitalizing on being near a gym or PokeStop), while online marketplaces for Pokemon GO accounts and services began popping up like rabbits. Due to being avid Pokemon GO fans ourselves, the professional gaming team at Pokemon Pros instantly navigated to the marketplace. What we found disappointed us, and hence our store, Pokemon Pros, was born.

Other marketplaces that we found were full of scammers, offered accounts that had been incessantly botted on and were destined for the ban-hammer, or were difficult to navigate. We filled this void with Pokemon Pros. Our accounts offer a lifetime safety warranty and our delivery speed is unmatched. We have staff available 24/7 to help with delivery questions or issues and we take pride in what we do. Our service sets us apart from the competitors. Give us a try and we promise you will see why thousands of customers have made Pokemon Pros their destination for quality Pokemon GO accounts and services!

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