Transfer Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Nintendo Switch Pokemon Let’s GO

pokemon lets go sync to pokemon go

One of the fundamental highlights of Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee is the availability between the new Nintendo Switch title and the prominent portable game, Pokémon Go.

Players who have Pokémon Go can exchange a portion of their dearest accomplices to the Let’s Go recreations. This is an incredible method to top off their Pokedex with Pokémon you can’t catch and get more candies in your Pokémon GO amusement.

There are a few things you’ll have to know before you can exchange Pokémon. To begin with, you should make it to Fuchsia City in Let’s Go before you can do exchanges since this is the place you’ll discover the Pokémon GO Park. Furthermore, Pokémon can’t be exchanged from Let’s Go to Pokémon Go; this is restricted.

Here’s the vital information to exchange Pokémon from Pokémon Go to Let’s Go:

Step by step instructions to SYNC POKEMON GO TO LET’S GO

Pokémon Go

Turn bluetooth on your cell phone.

Go to settings and look down until the point when you see “Nintendo Switch.”

Select “Interface with Nintendo Switch.”

Adjacent Nintendo Switch consoles will show up in Available Devices. Tap “Associate with Device” to begin to match up.

Pokémon Let’s Go

In Let’s Go, open menu with the X button and afterward options by squeezing the Y button.

Select “Pokémon Go settings.”

It’ll naturally search for a Pokémon Go record to adjust.

Select “Yes” when your record is found.

pokemon lets go battles

Step by step instructions to TRANSFER FROM POKEMON GO TO LETS GO

Go to the Pokémon tab and select the symbol that resembles a Switch in the upper right corner

Select the quantity of Pokémon you need to exchange.

When you’ve chosen your Pokémon, select exchange

Pokémon Let’s Go

In Fuchsia City’s Pokémon Go Park, converse with the agent, select “Bring Pokemon”

Select which Park to exchange to (each stop can hold 50 Pokémon)

Let’s Go will consequently now begin to speak with Pokémon Go

Select “Yes” to match and it should exchange.

After the exchange is finished, you can go visit the Park and locate your ideal Pokémon meandering around. Address the Pokémon to go to the catch screen.

Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee is accessible now for Nintendo Switch!