11x Legendary Raid Service

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11x Legendary Raid Service

The following information is necessary in order to complete your boosting service:


We will participate in 11 Legendary Raids on YOUR account!

Doing this will farm Rare Candies, Golden Razzberries, and Technical Moves on your account!

As with all of our boosting services, we work as quickly as possible however we ask that you allow us up to 48-72 hours to complete your service.

Utilizing this service requires 11 raid passes, you must have these available (or adequate PokeCoins to acquire them)

Important information to avoid delays:

-Make sure you have raid passes available, or adequate coins to purchase Premium Raid passes.

-Please make sure you have selected a team and that you type in your Pokemon GO information correctly!

-If you are using a gmail account, you absolutely must turn off 2-step verification (if you are required to enter a numerical code when logging in to verify your identity, you have 2-step verification turned on).