Pokémon Sword and Shield: How to Find Buneary and Cultivate Him to Lopunny

Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Evolve Buneary into Lopunny … which was necessary beforehand to get this furry bunny to grow up.

Buneary is one of the most valuable Pokémon for Pokémon lovers around the world. Since Buneary’s introduction in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, buneary has gained a lot of popularity and has now re-emerged as Pokémon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor. Buneary and Lopunny are both cute Pokémon, but you don’t see them fighting much. However, both Buneary and Lopunny carry a variety of moves you can try. So, if you don’t have this cute Pokémon, here are the best ways to find Buneary on Armor Island.

Find Buneary in Pokémon Sword and Shield

On the Isle of Armor, you can see the enormous Buneary everywhere. You can find it in Fields of Honor, along with that you can challenge on the Beach in any weather conditions. Apart from that, you can also enjoy running around for a bit and having fun in a world of exaggeration.

How to Cultivate Buneary

There are some Pokémon that can only develop through friendship, and Buneary is one such pokémon. This is a hidden stat section that can be checked through the camp settings and then watch your desired friendship score. The heart on the Pokémon’s head will show you its friendship stat. Stars can be up to 5, and according to this, the value of friendship reflects.

When the friendship level is higher, Buneary will evolve in Lopunny. The high friendship value will be 220 or greater. Creating high friendships is no easy task because, at the time of catching a Pokémon, the friendship stat may be zero. So you will struggle a lot to increase the value of friendship, and once that is done, Buneary will be ready to thrive.

You are now visiting Hammerlock to track your friendship stat. The Pokémon Hammerlock Center has an NPC in the house, and they keep all track records of friendships. They have a record related to the help you can provide for your Pokémon with your current friendship level. There you will get a rough estimate of the value of your friendship with your Buneary Pokémon.

After you visit the NPC in Hammerlock, the Pokémon Buneary that has already been caught will be invaluable in reaching Lopunny. It will happen because the woman who returns home will offer you Soothe Bell. After you acquire Soothe Bell to Pokémon, it grows Pokémon friendship. So any activities you will do with your Pokémon such as playing, fighting, and making curries will be added as a bonus for your pokémon. So once you equip Soothe Bell, some things will be changed and you will get more bonuses than friendship value.

Use of Lopunny in Battle

Lopunny won’t help you much in battle as Buneary and Lopunny aren’t meant to be fighting Pokémon. If you’re looking for Pokémon that are better at combat, Lopunny isn’t one of them. It cannot compete in a very intense fight. Even though they had a few moves, they were normal type movements. If you’re fighting in small field battles, it can help you out a bit, so whenever you choose, choose smart.