How to get PokeCoins in Pokemon GO

PokeCoins are a kind of cash in Pokemon Go, and are utilized to buy the majority of the Items situated in the Shop, with the rejection of the PokeCoins themselves.

how to get pokecoins in pokemon go

Obtaining PokéCoins

PokeCoins all alone can be obtained for true cash:

PokeCoin Amount and cost in USD

Cost ($)

100 – $0.99

550 – $4.99

1,200 – $9.99

2,500 – $19.99

5,200 – $39.99

14,500 – $99.99

Discounts are given for larger bulk purchases, as can be seen in the table above.

The most effective method to Get Free PokeCoins

NOTE: As of June 2017, they have changed the manner in which Gyms work. That additionally implies the manner in which you gain PokeCoins has changed.

New Way

Each time a Pokemon comes back to you from a gym you will get PokeCoins. Normally, you will get 1 PokeCoin every hour the Pokemon was at a gym, notwithstanding, this isn’t generally the situation. For instance, on the off chance that you live in a territory where gyms are very contested,you may get 1 PokeCoin each 10 minutes it was at the gym.

There is a limit of 50 PokeCoins each day, so remember that.

pokecoins in pokemon go

Old Way

The best way to win PokeCoins without utilizing genuine cash is by leaving a Pokemon at a Gym to protect it, which you can do once you pick a group at level 5. You can safeguard every Gym with a solitary Pokemon. To do this, you should:

A. Find a Friendly or Unoccupied Gym

On the off chance that you’ve found a well disposed Gym, check if it’s a sufficiently high dimension to suit your Pokemon. On the off chance that there’s a vacant space, you’ll see a symbol on the base left of the screen once you open the Gym menu. This equivalent symbol will likewise be available at a white vacant gym. On the off chance that that symbol is missing, you’ll need to prepare in the Gym to expand its esteem by tapping on the boxing glove symbol on the base right. This will raise the Gym’s dimension, which can be up to level 10, coinciding with the quantity of Pokemon that can be left there. When the Gym’s dimension is expanded, you’ll have the capacity to leave a Pokemon there to protect it.

B. Assume control Over a Rival Gym

When you’ve discovered an adversary Gym, you should fight to diminish the Gym’s renown to zero. You can do this over and over, recuperating your Pokemon in the middle of fights. When you’ve crushed the Gym enough occasions, the already authoritative group will be kicked out. At that point the Gym will show up as a white unocuppied gym, which will enable you to guarantee it for your Team.

When you have effectively saved a Pokemon at a Gym to shield it in your respect, you can open the Shop screen to gather your “Defender Bonus.”

You should see a shield at the upper ideal with a number inside it, speaking to the quantity of Pokemon you have left at Gyms. This reward can be gathered from any place and can be gathered once like clockwork. In the event that it has been over 21 hours since you have last gathered a reward, you can guarantee it immediately.

Since it tends to be entirely hard to hold a Gym for 21 hours, contemplate this technique: Find a region with a lot of Gyms all adjacent when few individuals visit. Guarantee the majority of the Gyms one after another, ideally with a band of your partners, and afterward guarantee your Defender Bonus!