A Pokemon Go tutorial to help you become the best player possible.

Since it was first introduced five years ago, many things have changed in the world of Pokemon Go. This guide will help you stay on top of everything that has changed. Mobile games that allowed users to catch and train Pokemon with a single tap have grown into much more.

Trainers in Pokemon have a wealth of options, including battling, trading, and hatching eggs. Players will want to learn everything they can about one of the most popular mobile games of all time, especially with over 600 Pokemon to acquire – and that number is only going to climb.

Whether battling Team Go Rocket or capturing Ditto, this guide has all the information you need to know. If you’re unsure where to begin in Pokemon Go or need assistance with any game area, you’ve come to the correct place. Pokemon Go’s comprehensive walkthrough includes everything from the whole Pokedex to the shiny Pokemon to Team Rocket and more. The following is a complete guide to Pokemon Go.

Tricks and Resources for Pokemon Go

If you only want to know the basics of Pokemon Go, this Pokemon Go advice will help you get through the first few hours of playing and beyond. This is the best place to begin if you want to catch up quickly and see what’s going on. Aside from the guides below, this will cover a wide range of topics.

In Pokemon Go, how do you catch Ditto?

Trainers will either love or despise trying to capture Ditto, one of the game’s most iconic and irritating Pokemon.

It may take some effort to track down this chameleon-like Pokemon, but once you do, you’ll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. There are two ways to find Ditto. The first is to look for one in the wild, and the second is to catch a Pokemon it has turned into. Even though catching a Ditto in Pokemon Go may sound difficult, our guide will assist you.

In Pokemon Go, how can you switch teams?

To begin with, you had to choose between Team Mystic, Valor, or Instinct in Pokemon Go. The introduction of the Team Medallion has made it possible for you to swap sides, but you’ll have to pay the price for it. Previously, you were tied to this decision for the long term. As a reminder, here’s how to switch teams in Pokemon Go so you can receive a Team Medallion.

Trading in Pokemon Go

Poke-trading has been a popular part of the series since the first Gameboy games debuted, so this isn’t exactly a new proposal. If you complete the following requirements, you can trade Pokemon with your friends in Pokemon Go(opens in a new tab). For more information, check out our guide.