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Level 32 Pokemon GO Account *GEN1&2* (INSTANT DELIVERY)

Level 32 Pokemon GO Account *GEN1&2* (INSTANT DELIVERY)



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Pokemon Trainer Club Accounts
arrow_right Email verified
arrow_right Level 32
arrow_right Average stardust: 950k
arrow_right No name/gender/appearance/team (You can chose Team Valor, Team Mystic or Team Instinct)
arrow_right All accounts checked tick
More informations
Minimum rare pokemons:
10x Tyranitar tick 10x Dragonite tick 10x Snorlax tick 10x Blissey tick 10x Gengar tick 10x Rhydon tick 10x Alakazam tick 10x Machamp tick 5x Lapras tick 5x Charizard tick 5x Gyarados

Minimum candy:

Items inside:
GEN2 UPGRADE ITEMS tick Many Potions, Max Revives, Revives and Poke/Great/Ultra Balls

All upgrades and some evolutions are left for you to enjoy.

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