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Silver Level 36 Pokemon GO Account *GEN1&2* (INSTANT DELIVERY)
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Silver Level 36 Pokemon GO Account *GEN1&2* (INSTANT DELIVERY)


I purchased this account a while back now and have had no issues. Previous to finding this site I ordered a lvl 35 account on a competitor website. The difference in products is amazing. If I could post screen shots your minds would be blown. I received so much star dust as well as blissey candies and now have two over 3000 and 8 over 2500 with additional 1,300,000+ stardust available. Amazing product, could not be happier with this purchase. After buying from the other site I was quite annoyed that I wasted my money there. Highly recommend to purchase and dominate your local gyms!! 😈
Date Added: 06/05/2017 by jacob p.

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